gabrielle penabaz
L. Gabrielle Penabaz, Sex Crimes Cabaret's Creator/Writer/Filmmaker
Performer - Onstage and Video

Gabrielle Penabaz is an interdisciplinary performance artist. Her checkered past includes the multi-media rock band, St. Eve, VJing for Honeygun Labs and creating underground soireés. She currently works as a video director/editor and voiceover talent. She marries people to themselves as The Encouraging Priestess in her one-on-one interactive piece "Til Death Do You Part". And when she is not in front of computer nor audience, she is perfecting her infamous absinthe.

Katherine Valentine
Kate Valentine, Director

Ms. Katherine Valentine is the director of the stage version of Sex Crimes Cabaret and we are lucky to have her, having guided such internationally acclaimed talents as Julie Atlas Muz in "Divine Comedy of an Exquisite Corpse" and "I am the Moon and You Are The Man on Me" as well as World Famous Bob in "One Man Show". Valentine is the creator of The Va Va Voom Room 1997-present and performer with the very first neo burlesque troupe, The Velvet Hammer Burlesque,1996-present. She is also the emcee known as Miss Astrid. In addition to burlesque, Ms. Valentine performs as an actress and comedienne. She produces original theatrical works and writes. Website

On-Screen Performances and Interviews (alphabetically):

Aaron "Guncle" Edwards- Church Lady - "Faith Based Initiatives"
Abby Hertz - Sensuous Woman (Lady C )- Interstitials
Ali Luminescent - Playful Muse - Interstitials (yes, that's her derriére on this website's splash page)
Amber Ray - Warden's Wife - "Mae West, Her Warden and His Wife" and Georgina - "Sex Toys Anonymous"
Bastard Keith - SCC Roving Correspondent and also The Warden - "Mae West, Her Warden and His Wife"
Big Bruce - Government Agent
Bridget Umbarger - Lover - "Bowers v Hardwick/Lawrence v Texas"
Chris "Flambeaux" Reilly - Priest - "Faith Based Initiatives" and Sensuous Man-interstitials
Christine "Ammo" O'Day - Horned Goddess
Dan Glass - Man on the Street
Darlinda Just Darlinda - Lead - "Alternate Solutions" and "Invention of the Vibrator", Nora - "Sex Toys Anonymous"
Deity Delgado - Horned Goddess and Dancer
Diana Adams - Self (interview/not acting) - Sex Crimes Legal Correspondent
Emily D. Fournier - Vicki - "Sex Toys Anonymous"
Faceboy - Ben - "Sex Toys Anonymous"
Gary Lippman - Arrested Innocent
Gia Mele - Dancer
Heather "Rabbit" Litteer - Lover - "Bowers v Hardwick/Lawrence v Texas"
Jeff Solomon - Man on the Street
Jeremy Halpern - Sneaky Convict - "Prison Beat"
JJ Connelly - Sneaky Convict - "Prison Beat"
Jo "Boobs" Weldon - Self (interview/not acting)
Julie Atlas Muz - Femme Fatale - "No Names"
Laura Shrewsbury - Member - "Sex Toys Anonymous"
Louisa Bradshaw - "Marilyn Monroe"
Machine Dazzle - Lover - "Bowers v Hardwick/Lawrence v Texas"
Mike Amato - Man on the Street
Missy Galore - Susan - "Sex Toys Anonymous"
Nick Bixby - New Lover - "No Names"
Nicole Blackman - Rooftop Girl, Cop, Wife -"Lysol" and Lead - "The Date"
Patrick Daniels - Man on the Street
Patrick "Mangina" Bucklew - Father - "Mensees"
Porno Jim Graham - Son - "Mensees" and interviewed as himself (not acting)
Mateo "Raven" Solano - Government Agent and A John
Nick Teal Brown - A John - "Domination"
Rhe DeVille - Member (beer) - "Sex Toys Anonymous"
Robert Prichard - Returning Husband - "No Names"
Sky & Vlad - Empress Wu and Courtier
Stormy Leather - Ellen - "Sex Toys Anonymous"
Steve Barbeer - Husband - "Lysol"
Terry and Tony Coleman - Mr. and Mrs. Loving - "Loving vs. Virginia"
Tigger-James Ferguson - Lover - "Bowers v Hardwick/Lawrence v Texas"
Vanessa Walters - Dancer
Velocity Chyaldd - Mae West - "Mae West, Her Warden and His Wife"
ZeroBoy - Gynecologist - "Invention of the Vibrator"




The Love Show
From Left: Dorian Cervantes, Angela Harriell (Director/Choreographer), Sarah Conrad, Tsubasa Ogawa
The Love Show gets the sexy goin' with their tightly choreographed and costumed numbers, theatrical appeal and gorgeous girls and boys. A little cabaret, a little ballet and a whole lotta rock and roll.

Kai Altair, Dancer (Original Cast)

Kai Altair is a Brooklyn based songstress, dancer, and dreamer. Her ethereal, spellbinding voice, and heartfelt, mysterious songs lead us happily into temptation, while exuding the strength of femininity. Often seen bellydancing barefoot on stage, Kai's entrancing performances bring fantasies to the air, and transport audiences between the worlds.

Sarah Sparkles
Sarah Sparkles, Dancer (Original Cast)

Sarah Sparkles is a native New Yorker with a life long passion for creative expression, performance, and the physical arts. After more then a decade of gymnastics training, she transitioned her repertoire of strength, grace, and flexibility into dance and contortion performances in NYC theatres, galleries, and nightclubs. Sarah Sparkles currently trains with internationally acclaimed belly dancer Sera Solstice and performs with members of East Coast Tribal. Miss Sparkles prides herself on wearing many hats (in Sex Crimes Cabaret and in real life!), which is reflected in her multi-faceted design business One of a Kind Creations, which specializes in jewelry, set and prop design and special event decor. Sparkles is also a long time member of the visual team that executes the art production and installation for the illustrious Bergdorf Goodman windows. For more info on this scintillating maven check out

Members past and present: Lindsey Anderson, Michael Carrasquillo, Michael Hoffman, Dave Sussman and AJ Tissian.

Lindsey Anderson (AKA Kitty Kowalski)
Idiot savant, jerk of all trades, mocker, rocker, shutterbug, blah, blah, blah, former model, aspiring film director and screen writer, finding cure for cancer, getting American Idol to change their age limits, perfecting cilantro-scented douche... (Gabrielle's note: Lindsey was the first person I thought of when I imagined the Sex Crimes band. Then she moved away after the first run of gigs, but she is still a treasured member.)

Michael Carrasquillo
Born in the Bronx borough of New York City on June 5 (now no longer a Gemini). Michael is an American artist, musician, filmmaker and former music industry marketing representative; most notable for his stint as the live touring drummer for the KMFDM spin-off, Slick Idiot (from 2000 to 2005). He has also worked with acclaimed two-time Grammy nominated music video director, Jim Swaffield, during the R. Kelly cult classic, "Trapped in the Closet" era.

Currently he is the host of his own comedy radio/talk format podcast called Rock'n The Mike; and continues working on various live & recorded music & video projects and also speaking at podcasting, video post-production and social media events.

Michael Hoffman
Mike Hoffman has played guitar in NYC bands since a teenager, from his first band, scum-rock miscreants "Sloth" to the over-revved powerpop outfit "Vacant Lot" to punkpop melody-mongers "Kitty and the Kowalskis". He loves old Les Pauls going through old Marshalls. And he's an asshole, so lucky for him he can play guitar pretty alright. (Gabrielle's Note: We don't think he's an asshole, but he wrote that part of his bio. Who are we to censor a punk soul?)

Dave Sussman
"Devyl" Dave Sussman is currently the guitarist in Bile. (This man oozes Rock-n-Roll and he looks hot in a suit!)

AJ Tissian

AJ is one of our favorite multi-instrumentalists and we call on him whenever we can. He is also the founder, owner and chief engineer of The Wave Lab, NYC recording studio. He has over 30 years of performing, recording and producing experience. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

M!lk, Tech/DJ

NYC based DJ/engineer/sound designer & producer, M!lk (aka Geoxie Leche) has been a dance club and audio industry fixture since the ripe age of 19. His ground breaking DJ style helped shape the burgeoning East Village dance culture of the early 90's, landing him stints at the infamous Save The Robots, the Pyramid Club, The World, and Alcatraz among others.

Along with torch jazz singer Rhe DeVille, the prolific party producer and sound designer also was half of the seminal underground performance art group, Whoop-Z Daisy; as well and producing, co-writing and performing with the glam/punk/electro group, St. Eve. He also scored and performed in the off Broadway run of Justin Swain's "BUMP" for which he mixed the entire underscore live from the stage.

More recently M!lk has been the resident DJ for the One Leg Up organization, now celebrating its 11th year of producing uninhibited, underground soirees for its devoted following.


Special Guest LIVE Performers

Irene Deity Delgado
Irene "Deity" Delgado bravely dons gorilla apparel and more in HYSTERIA

Deity Delgado got her first opportunity to perform burlesque at the Blue Angel Cabaret in 1994. Since then she's performed in Ibiza, Spain for several years and has current gigs at Hypergender Burlesque, BadAss Burlesque, Nurse Bettie Burlesque, Kitty Nights,
The Sunday Show and others. Deity is part of the Brown Girls Burlesque troupe and is now half of Deity Von Cuchi.

Velocity Chyaldd
Performed as Mae West for live appearances along with the short film "Mae West, Her Warden and His Wife"

SPECIAL THANKS To Diana Adams. Esq.-
Our ongoing legal correspondent, offering real-life perspective on absurd situations.
Diana Adams
Diana Adams, SCC Resident Expert on Sexual Affairs
Diana Adams, Esq is an attorney, empowerment counselor, relationship educator, and physical self-defense instructor. Diana founded and manages Diana Adams Law in New York City, a law practice focusing on sexuality issues, nontraditional families, and empowering victims of domestic violence.

Diana has become an internationally recognized voice in the field of sexual freedom law, and is on the Advisory Council of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, the first NGO to present sexual freedom as a human rights issue at the United Nations in 2010.

Diana is also a leader in the relationship choice movement, sharing her personal and legal vision of recognition for families beyond marriage and monogamy, individually and in collaboration with the Alternatives to Marriage Project. As an openly polyamorous, queer, bisexual woman, Diana has boldly shared her own relationship story as a model for others as to a how to create nontraditional relationships through self-awareness and communication, and has shared her story in a New York Times feature and to over 12 million young viewers of the award-winning docuseries MTV True Life.

In her professional life, Diana has built her own career as an outspoken advocate for rights of nontraditional parents and families. Diana advocates for parents in child custody cases whose kinky, queer, poly or otherwise nontraditional sexualities are used against them. She advocates for unbundling legal partnership benefits from marriage, so that those who choose not to marry are not disadvantaged in terms of their taxes, health insurance, and other legal benefits. Diana also works holistically with disempowered people and domestic violence victims, to handle legal challenges such as separation from a partner, teach assertiveness in communication, assist in career and financial planning, and more, to create life-long empowered change.

Diana teaches and speaks at law schools, conferences, and colleges (such as Yale Women's and Gender Studies department), particularly on topics of nontraditional families, relationship choice, empowered communication, and physical empowerment through self-defense. Diana is delighted to be a part of Sex Crimes Cabaret!


Staged Productions:
Ahnika Delirium – Door Hospitality
Vik Keenan – House Manager
Ian Fford – Light Tech
Geo "Milk" Greene - Sound/Video Tech
Justin "Grey Valentine" Brinker - Stage Manager

Video of Live Show:
Mitchell Reichler – DP for much of what you'll see of ours
Steven Holtzman – Assistant Director
Fred Soffa - Camera
Greg Buyalos – DP on interstitials shoot, and 2nd Camera/jib for live video
Mark Bracamonte – 3rd Camera and Assistant
Tamer Tewfik – Audio
Darlinda Just Darlinda – Stage Director for video shoot

Alexander Lyle – Set Designer
Devin "Boxer" Fenimore – Set Construction-ACME
Eric "Franklin" Larsen – Set Construction-ACME
Emily Fournier – Craft Services/Catering
Simon Wilson – PA

Christine Geiger – Make-Up
Lisa Fiorentino – Hair

Jim Berman/ZAPCAST – Graphics and counseling
Caius Clifton Pugh - Graphics and branding

Jeff Hennefeld – DP for many vignettes
Missy Galore - Shot original stageplay, live at Galapagos
Lamia Akar – Costuming (original and recent shows)

Rhe DeVille – Photographer (see gallery on IMAGES page)


Tom Keenan of Collective Unconscious

Ricci Levy and Ted Bernhardt of The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

Brian Colgan and Shawn Patrick Anderson of ACME Brooklyn Studios